Cool Days


Down The Road


Cool Days   Band Version

Down The Road   Band Version

Alt Tuning  D B D G A D  capo 2nd. fret

Cool Days, Got A Feel Good Attitude.

Free Ways, Lucky Living , How We Do.

Good Things Going Down Today. Hope This Feeling Stays.

Spread It Round, All Over Town, Don't Let This Slip Away.

Cool Days, A Happy Wish, For Everyone.

Move Around, Shake A Leg, And Have Some Fun.

Sun Is Shining, On Our Face, Everything's In Place.

Living Large , Living Here. In A Happy Space.


Rays Are Breaking, Through The Clouds.

Clear Skies On Their Way.

Children Singing Way Out Loud     Everyone’s At Play.

Full Moon, At Night It Sparkles, With The Stars.

Setting Soon, Lunar Phases, Impact Scars.

Nature’s Gifts Are, Right On Time, Always Been This Way.

Scattered Bits Of History, Laws You Must Obey.

Day Break, Pour The Coffee, Off The Lights.

Appreciate, When The Feeling’s Right.

Watching Time, And Seasons Grow, Into One Another.

Cycles Changing, Moving Faster, Forces That We’re Under.

Alt. Tuning  D B D G A D  capo 4th fret

 We’re On Our Way.   out To Play  

Going Down This Road We're On

Jamming Friends, Time To Spend, Cruise ’N Move Along.

Good To See You. Been Too Long. Life's Been Marching On.

Playing Well, Holding Your Own, Weathering The Storms.

Reminisce, Sing A Wish, Dream Without A Net.

Improvised, Grov-A-Tized, People Bridge The Gaps

Finding Balance, Highs And Lows, Days Go Drifting By.

In A Snap, So Much Has Happened, Watching How Time Flies.


Down The Road's, A Point In Time, That Never Quite Arrives.

Almost Here, And Then It’s Gone, Rolling On The Line.

Works In Play, Well Spent Days, Writing Songs To Sing.

It’s Our Fun, We’re As One, Harmonies That Ring.

Open Minds, Like Window Blinds, Let Those Good Tunes In.

Ideas Rise, When Thoughts Collide, It's All About The Blend

Episodes, Move In Slow, Realities Unfold.

Open Doors, On A Roll, Opportunities Explode..

                             chorus       chorus.

Never Gets Old

How You Feel

Alt. tuning E B D G A D capo 2nd. fret

Looking For A Phrase, Words To Help Us Say,

How We Feel Inside, Let The Baggage Fly.

Hoping That The Day’s, Revealing Something Great.

A Hum That We Can Play, Beats That Swing And Sway.

Hear The Rhythmic Flow, Let’s Go Where It Goes.

With Harmonies And Melodies, Let The Tunes Unfold.

It Never Gets Old.

Like Falling Down A Wave, Dancing With Your Fate,

Free To Jam All Night, Music Grooves Are Tight.

Imaginations Grow, With Stories Being Told.

Efforts Merge Together, Building Off Each Other.

Meanings In The Rhymes, Or A Waste Of Time,

Crank it Up And Drive, Bringing It Alive.

If The Intro’s Long, Fit, To Match The Song.

Singing It With Passion, Make Them Sing Along.


capo 2nd fret alt tuning E B D G A D 

Signals Are Traveling, Moving Non Stop.

Ideas Flow,  Attracting Like Thoughts.

From Humble Beginnings,  Big Dreams Are Built.

Growing Larger On ,  Ambitions And Will.

Is This, How You Feel..

Where's Your Perspective? How Far Can You See.?

What’s Up Ahead ? How Should It Be.

Looking Around, How Everything Fits.

Taking In, How We Exist.

And How Our Thoughts Transmit.

What You're Looking For's,  Looking For You.

Under The Radar, But, Coming In View.

Elements Bonding , It’s All On Track.

Always Has Been,  All The Way Back.

Universe On Track. Lead Verse Break

Boiling It Down ,  To What You Believe.

Questioning Answers,  What You Perceive.

Some People Know,   Some. Say It Ain't Real.

Everyone's In,   Now, How Do You Feel?

What’s Your Thinking? Got Positive Thoughts?

Dare To Challenge, What We’ve Been Taught.

Living On An Island

Alt tuning D B D G A D capo 4th fret

Gliding High, Above The Clouds, Waiting Out The Weather.

Birds In Flight, Riding Thermals, Float On Air And Feather.

High And Dry, They See It All, N’ Circle In Perfect Form.

Rise, And Fall, In The Clear, Up Above The Storm.

Limitations, Life Time Changes, Facing Desperate Measures.

On The Surface , People Struggle, With Every Kind Of Pressure.

Blank Expressions, Loaded Questions, Patience Being Worn.

If You're Able, Take Refuge, Somewhere Above The Storm.

High And Dry, Above The Chaos. Currents Lifting Wings.

On The Landscape Far Below, All Those Human Things.

Looking Back From Satellites At Oceans'n Hurricanes.

Ancient Cities, Long Abandoned, In Overgrown Terrain.

Eyes In Space, Reveal Old Lives, Where Many Made Their Home.

A Time Forgotten, Clues Revealed. From Way Above The Storm

Coming To Your Neighborhood, The “Wake Up’s" Really Fast.

Stormy Clouds, Thundering Loud, From Clear To Overcast.

Pushed Inside, Water Tight, Staying Dry And Warm.

Good Or Bad, It's Where You're At, Underneath The Storm.

Silver Lining

 alt. tuning, E B D G A D no capo

Wish I’d Got Here Sooner, Salt Water’s In My Genes.

In Between Two Bridges, Living On A Dream.

Comfy Chair, Ocean Air, At Home On An Island.

Waking Shores, Somewhere Out There, Barefoot In The Sand.

Rules A Little Different And, Secrets Do Not Last.

Folks Think In The Present, And Don’t Forget The Past

Sources May Be Limited, Locals Improvise.

Showing Greater Tolerance, But Keep A Wary Eye.

Living On An Island, Living Out A Dream.

Sound Of Waves To Fall Asleep, Somewhere In The Stream.

Weather Here Is Fickle, Blows Up Really Fast

Starts out As A Trickle , Builds In To A Blast.

Oceans Can Do Anything, Hang Around One Will.

Changes By The Hour, When It’s Cool Just Chill.

Most Days, Island Beautiful, Peaceful By The Sea.

Clear Blue Skies, A Gentle Breeze, Where You Wanna Be.

Comfy Chair, Sunset Beach, Washing Tides Come In.

On A Tare, Somewhere Out There, Living Out A Dream

Positive Attitude

Alt. Tuning D B D G A D NO CAPO vocal intro

Silver Lining On A Cloud That’s Grey, Opportunity , Another Day

 Don’t Let This Feeling Fade, Away.

Good Things Showing Up Real Soon. Thinking’s Right, A Lucky Moon.

Imaginations , Asking Questions, All In Stride.

Metaphorically Mostly True, When Your Mood Turns Blue

A Silver Lining’s, There Somewhere, Looking Back At You.

Got A Method, Work In Progress, More Than A Best Guess.

Smoothing Out Rough Edges, Making It The Best.

Moved To Act, N’Walk That Walk, Logic Tweaks, Lessons Taught.

Ideas Swarm, Plans Are Born, It’s Ramping Up.

Positivity Gets Ya Through, Winning ‘Till You Do.

Future’s Bright, In Clear Sight, What Dreams Turn Into.

Exhilarating, Ain’t This Great, Came Across This Better Way.

Should Have Done This Sooner, Out Of The Gate.

Visions Can Go Right Or Wrong, Choose Your Efforts Weak Or Strong.

Silver Lining’s, Redefining, What You See.

Silver Lining On A Cloud That’s Grey, Opportunity , Another Day

 Don’t Let This Feeling Fade, Away

alt tuning E B D G A D Capo 1st. Fret

Lately I Been, Feeling. Confused.   With All That, Back And Forth,

Changing, Minds, Major Divides.     Life's A Bumpy Road.

My Brothers And Sisters, Turn Off The News.    Ugly Names, Angry Views.

Needing Relief, From What They Say.  Pulling The Plug, Getting Away.

They’re Better That Way.

Don't Let It, Get To You, Keep A Positive Attitude

Opinions Fly, Like Babies Cry,   And Go Off On A Rant.

This Or That, Choices Made,    Forced To Make A Stand.

In The Clear, But You Still Hear.   Discussions To Avoid.

Bite Your Tongue Or Come Undone.     Stay Inside The Void.

Don't Let It, Get To You, Keep A Positive Attitude

Don't Let It, Get To You, Keep A Positive Attitude

Open Mind's Not Wasting Time,     On What Somebody Said.

Looking Forward, Keep On Track.

Good Things Up Ahead. Good Things Up Ahead.

Don't Let It, Get To You, Keep A Positive Attitude

Don't Let It, Get To You, Keep A Positive Attitude

Give It A Rest

I Like It Too Much

Alt tuning D B D G A D capo 1 Fret

Hold Me. Need Your Touch. Won’t You Stay , Mak’a My Day

Talk A While  Can't Get Enough. I Like It Too Much. I Like It This Way.

What You See’s, What You Get. Might Not Be, A Perfect Fit.

What I See, Can't Get Enough. So Right For Me. I Like This Stuff.

Like It Too Much. Hold Me Tight     Call My Name. Change My Game.

Smile At Me, Yea I Like It.

Considering, Possibilities Of All That This Could Mean.

Ask Me Anything You Want. And All That’s In Between.

Take Some Time, Make Your Mind Up. Banishing Those Fears.

I Know, I Will, Always Be, Excited, When You’re Near

Maybe I’ve Said Too Much, Maybe I’ve Said Too Little.

Feeling Outta Touch I Think I’m Seeing Double?

St. Andrew Bay

Tuning= E B D G A D ; capo 2nd fret


Do It And Chill, Don't Overkill.    Find The Perfect Touch.

A Personal Choice. Your’s To Enjoy.    Care But Not Too Much.

Seeing It Through. Don't Overdo.    It’s Your Plan, Your Diagram.

Having Enough. Extra's A Plus.     Making It Your Own Brand.

Give It Your Best, Then Give It A Rest, Take Off, Clear Your Mind.

Things Take Hold, From Seed You Sow, In Time They Fall In Line.

Being Up Tight, Worry At Night.   Sort And, Work It 'Out.

Fail And Learn, Don't Crash And Burn.   Build Hope, When In Doubt

Look, Observe, Embrace This World,    Smiling On The Day.

In A Crunch. Swerve, Adjust     Find Another Way. 

Give It Your Best, Then Give It A Rest, Take Off, Clear Your Mind.

Things Take Hold, From Seed You Sow, In Time They Fall In Line.

Give Your Best, Then Give It A Rest.

Give Your Best, Then Give It A Rest.

St. Andrew Bay This Time Of  Year’s,    Got Me In It’s Spell

A  Float Away That’s  Free From Fear,  Gliding Under Sail

Beast Way I Know Is To Cruise Nice And Slow,  Find A Quiet Shore

Hope On The Island My Dear,  We’re Here To Explore.

Down A Few Days,    On A Quick Little Stay

Get My Feet In The Water,     Anchors Away

Wasting Some Time With Nothing Special To Do

But Lounging Around And Fishing With You.

This Life Style Suits Me, People Are Friendly

Each  Chasing Down Their Dreams

Night Time Comes , Good Food And Fun

On An Ocean Theme

Best Time Of Year At This Latitude      Weather’s So Fine Easy Attitude

Me And You In A House By The Sea,   There’s No Place That I’d Rather Be

Emerald Ocean’s Tidal Motions Sound The Buoy Bell

Kick Back Times,  No Wake Signs,  Gliding Over Swells

Sunset Colors. Pleasure Trawler,  Foot Up On The Rail

Water Soaked A World Afloat, On A Liquid  Trail

Southern Sea Breezes,  Redfish In Season

St. Andrew Bay Night Sound Sing Me To Sleep.